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Our Pricing

Menu Priced Jobs

Action Work

Ruger Single Actions  $200.00

Colt SAA/Clone $150.00

Toggle Link Lever Action $275.00


Cerakote/Duracoat Long Gun One Color $250.00

Cerakote/Duracoat Revolver One Color  $200.00

Cerakote/Duracoat Semi-Auto Pistol One Color $150.00

Coating Minimum Charge $100.00

Additional Color per Job  $50.00

Non-Standard Colors Add $50.00

Custom Build

See our custom build page here.


Other Services

FFL Transfer $40.00

Install Single Action Revolver Cylinder (Set headspace, fit to frame, set BBL/Cyl gap) $125.00

Install Threaded Bolt Knob $175.00

Install Dovetail Sights (No machining required) $75.00

Machine 2 Dovetails and Install Sights $150.00

Machine 1 Dovetail and Install Sight/Accessory $90.00

Remove Stuck Live Round From Gun $100.00 min

Install or Adjust Rifle Trigger (Adjustable Type) $75.00


 Rem 700 Style Rifle (Includes action/bolt truing and crown.)  $550.00 

Non-Rem style bolt action (Includes crown.) $500.00

 Lever Action (Includes dovetails, extractor cuts, and crown.) $850.00

Single Shot (includes dovetails, extractor cuts, crown.)   $900.00

Revolver (No sights, crown, or threading required.) $150.00


Hot Blue Handgun  $250.00

Hot Blue Long Gun $325.00

Stock Work

Free Float/Fit BBL to Stock  $75.00 min

Pillar Bed Stock $300.00


Thread BBL for Muzzle Device $150.00

Remove/Replace BBL for Threading Add $30.00

Cut and Crown While Threading Add $50.00

Time Muzzle Device to Align With BBL Add $50.00

On all non-menu priced items, we charge on an hourly basis. Parts, tax and shipping are not included in the prices listed here.  We will never run up your bill without contacting you first. One hour is the minimum charge for all jobs, and time is assessed every fifteen minutes after that.

Hourly Rate:

$75/hr/min at the bench

$90/hr/min at the mill or lathe

All guns, parts, and accessories ordered by us will have a 20% mark-up added to them.

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